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As a traveler, have you ever struggled an unfamiliar new city? You don’t know where to find restaurants and entertainment within a certain distance. Perhaps in your trip, you want to know the best places that you can visit or you are looking for a great hotels, clubs, restaurants, banks and many more,attractions. We added weather channel, expense and budget tool.

We offer Your Needs

Quickly and easily find places

We designed a very easy to use interface that will simplify your life and let you find all nearby places and attractions that you are looking for within a few seconds. It will also let you reach them quickly and accurately.

Weather Channel

Want to know what is the current weather in the city that you are traveling to? That’s also can be done without going out of our app and we will give you all the information about weather in any city you want.

Best route to your destination

Find the best route to your destination easily with Me Places. Get all details about any place you want and see if it worth your visit or not.

Expense and Budget tool

Budget is something very important in each trip and we already added a budget tracker to let you track every penny out spent while traveling with budget and expenses in any currency.

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What Customer Says

It helped me to know the places around me and nearby attractions, when I was travelling. Great app. ,,

James Walker

Me Places is very nice and useful app. All in one app and also it helps in budget tracking. ,,

Anita Reddy

Best travel app I have ever used, has lots of categories and display important information about nearby places accurately. ,,

Sophie Wilson

Good app for location based searching of places. Provides near to accurate result and also directions to reach the place. ,,

Dhanraj Mate

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